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The Wallingford Municipal Credit Union was founded on November 3, 1961 to serve Town of Wallingford employees and their families. The original subscribers were: Alexander J. Sullivan, Cecil A. Peck, Edward J. Gamble, Frank G. Yaskot, Joseph J. Pire, Oscar S. Siegel, Patrick J. Roudie Jr. The purpose of the Credit Union is to serve as a town banking institution that caters directly to its members. The Credit Union offers numerous benefits to town employees that include payroll deductions, share (savings) accounts, checking accounts, loan services, home banking, etc. After 53 years, the Credit Union continues to service its membership with the utmost integrity and excellence. The field of membership includes:

  • * Employees of the Town of Wallingford
  • * Employees of the Wallingford Library
  • * Employees of the Wallingford Board of Education
  • * Employees of Holy Trinity School
  • * Members of the Wallingford Volunteer Fire Department
  • * Spouses of persons who died while within the “Field of Membership”
  • * Persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment
  • * Members of their immediate families
  • * Organizations of such persons


PRESIDENT: Adam Mantzaris

VICE PRESIDENT: Barbara Letourneau

TREASURER: Shelby Jackson III

SECRETARY: Donna Cortright


  • Charles Farley
  • Patricia Johnson
  • Donald Roe


DARA ZIEMBICKI, ACTG. MGR/CEO: Has been with the Credit Union since April 1995. She started as a part time teller and over the years has gained experience in a variety of positions. Dara is currently the Office Manager. Dara has spent her career serving the needs of our members and the community. She and her staff take great pride in the way that they meet those needs.

DIANE WHITE, ACTG. HEAD BOOKKEEPER: Diane joined the Credit Union on September 2004 as a part time teller. Her present position as Head Bookkeeper allows her to work with customers, as well as, lending and office management. Diane brought with her prior experience in Commercial Lending, Mortgage Preparation and International Banking.

ROBIN GARRISON, ACCOUNTING CLERK : Robin joined the staff at WMFCU in July of 2007 as an Accounting Clerk

1. Her previous experience was as an office manager for a family run business. Her duties include teller services and assisting the office manager and accounting clerk

2. Robin enjoys working directly with the public and feels that the Credit Union allows her to do that daily.

CAROL SERIO, PT ACCOUNTING CLERK: Carol has been a part time accounting clerk since August of 2006. Previously, she spent more than twenty years at financial institutions where she held a variety of positions.

Cornerstone Community Credit Union Wallingford Branch

88 South Main Street, Ste. 2
Wallingford, CT 06492


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